Alex Silva NYC by Dan Wilton


Alex Silva is a composer and sound engineer originally from the
northwest region of Spain (Galicia), and currently lives in Baltimore,

An aficionado of electronic and contemporary composition, Silva began
playing music in local HC-punk bands in his early teen years, later
moving to Barcelona where he completed a Master degree in Music
Composition for Film.

His electronic music project Astroboyz (Canadian Duck Tapes, Struments
Records) was selected as participant at the Red Bull Music Academy´s
2013 edition (as the only participant from Spain selected that year)
held in New York City.

After sharing this experience at RBMA with 60 talented artists
from around the world, with instruction from very respected and
influential teachers, Silva found himself pursuing a career in music
composition, as seen in his performances at Boiler Room, Sonar
Barcelona, Piknik Elektronik, among others.

His first album MIND PATTERN EXPLORER, was recorded between studios
like Converse Rubber Tracks (Boston, MA. USA) and in La Cortina roja
(A Coruña) with the help of Fernando Mejuto (Ictus), Jose Gutierrez
(Día de Furia), Hugo Santeiro (Guerrera) and Marcos Pazo (Ekkaia) on
the drums. This release marks the kick off of his career under his
real name.

The debut album will be released on June 23rd in a limited edition 12″
vinyl and cassette tape and has already received kind remarks and very
positive reviews from artists like Dan Deacon, Claude Speeed (American
Men), Throwing Snow, Kloke and many others.

Alex Silva also released Exsamples (Limited Edition Yellow Cassette)
as Astroboyz by Canadian Duck Tapes in 2016.