Patrick McMinn

Patrick McMinn

Patrick McMinn is a composer and multimedia artist. He makes melancholy drones out of trumpets, synthesizers, homebuilt software, and bits of cultural detritus.   

CDT04 Patrick McMinn “There was a time when the world was suffused with light” (Usa, 2018)

“There was a time when the world was suffused with light. Everything was pregnant with meaning, and there was a soft glow behind every shape just out of sight. That which wasn’t known could be known, or discarded without consequence to compress the world to a docile state. There is a sorrow in beginning to understand an objective truth, a shallow eclipsing darkness; dissolution of color onto an infinite plane”

Composed and recorded by Patrick McMinn in Baltimore, MD between October 2015 and December 2017.
Mastered by Jeff Carey.
Artwork by Jessica Keyes.
Limited edition Blue Cassette of Patrick McMinn’s album debut.

Canadian Duck Tapes (US, 2018)

Patrick McMinn and Dan Deacon lecture @ Moogfest 2014 (Ableton, Max for Live, Performance)