“Best Solo Drummer: Bl_ank (@bl_ank___bl_ank) 
Outside Nashville’s country and pop worlds there’s an underground clamoring not to keep Music City weird (à la Austin in the early 2000s), but make it weirder — which fringier acts like Will Hicks, alias B|_ank, represent well. A drummer, synth player and projectionist who has logged time on the road with the Flaming Lips and played with outsider-music icon R. Stevie Moore. C.Z. For @rollingstone 2019. He releases his debut album Th Moof in Canadian Duck Tapes 2021

CDT05 – B|_ank – Th Moof – Vinyl LP + Cassette – 2020

B|_ank – Computer

VIDEO B|_ank "Kruatte" Th Moof, CDT05 2021
WATCH – Kruatte – VIDEO!

ONLINE – @bl_ank___bl_ank

BOOKING INFO – canadianducktapes@gmail.com